Friday, March 28, 2008

New Wheels

Ok ya'll, I am so excited. Glad it is Friday. T.GI.F. and also I just wanted to let my peeps know...I'm so excited. WE got us a new ride! Yes thank ya Jesus! We weren't expectin to get it we just showed up (and God/Jesus/Yaweh/Alla--and all of them) showed out. We traded in our was startin to have some issues and got a 2004 Ford Explorer. Ok to some of ya'll that ain't nuthin, but when you have been wanting one FOREVER. I mean every since they came out way back in '71, I have been-hate to say it-lusting after this vehicle...and maybe 2 otha's but this has always been on the list. Can ya'll say leather interior?? LOL We drove off the lot like we were in a 2010 Mercedes. You woulda thought we won the lotto. (Hopefully we will this weekend.) But it feels good when ya feel like you movin on up-cue the song- Have you driven a Ford Lately! If any of you have a Ford Explorer..let me know whacha think..




ThatChic said...

You are a mess girlie!! I know how you feel about your new car. CONGRATS!!!! When I got my Lincoln you would have thought it was an ,07 instead of a '97. LOL!!

Jamie Norris said...

Congrats on the new car...I know you just love it!!! Thats how I felt in my Jeep when I bought wasnt brand new but girl, it was brand new to me!!! Hope it does you good...Enjoy it! NOw you gotta come visit me!!!!! :)