Monday, March 24, 2008



why should i stay?
when i wanna go.
you act like you don't love me anymore.
do unto others ain't that the golden rule?
do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
you don't listen to me.
do you even hear?
you act like you are blind, when i shed a tear.
i realize you don't want what i want.
opposites attract, it aint true.
i thought you wanted to be with me.
and i wanted to be with you.
i don't understand how you could fool me so easily.
telling me lies i surely believed.
like "yes i want a family, a girl for you and a boy for me"
that was just MY fantasy.
i promised i would give you my all.
even though we started small.
we both worked hard because we wanted more.
is it that you were unsure?
you held my past against me.
while i tried to forget.
haven't i said "i'm sorry" enough yet?
i'm starting to have regrets.
when i said "i do".
it meant i was ready for commitment
thirty five hundred dollars was well spent.
on something borrowed and something blue.
i thought i was doing the right thing.
together forever.
for better for worse no matter the weather.
i'm done playing house and letting you have your way.
i am leaving .
i cannot stay.
i cannot allow you to treat me this way.
i deserve the best and that is true.
i thought i was getting it .
when i married you.
but you lied and i cried it's over now.
it's the end of the play.
take your bow.
i am walking out the door.
not sure of what the future holds.
but i know that i cannot stay here.

copyright 2008/pdg