Sunday, April 27, 2008

Not This Time---NEGATIVE

Well, that's about it for this post. We will be trying again for May. I did start my cycle 3 days early so, I don't know what that was all about but maybe next month.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Cherish -

Song of the Day: ~Unappreciated ~Cherish

Yesterday was my hunny's birthday. He turned 31. Yes! I was excited because I had planned a romantic evening for us. He is right there with me in age that is. There is an 11 mth and 1 day difference b/t us. I'm older. May 23rd. Mark that on your calendars people! But anyway, I took him out to dinner for his birthday. We went to The Cheesecake factory. I was trying to surprise him and I had been there b4 but he hadn't. So, when we got there we had valet parking and we went in but he kept asking questions like where are we going when we leave here? Are we going shopping?

You giving me some money?

I get to by something?

I did want 3 cd's.

Let me back up..

Last year I took him to the mall and told him that he did not have a limit and he could get what he wanted at my expense.

So this year he was expecting the same thing.

That upset me a little. I know that I have spoiled him but damn. I tried to perk it up and he saw the look on my face and he was like ~Babe it ain't even like that. Why you looking like that? Thank you for bringing me here, I'm sorry~ Shouldn't he have said that in the first place?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Phatty's Phunny for The Day

I love my parents. Phatmama is 66 and Phatdaddy is 68. The still like to get their party on. Drink a lil bit, and just have a good time. Well, last night Phatmama called me to tell me that Phatdaddy was hurting. It turned out to be his leg. Phatmama said:

"I think their is some cream around here that you can put on your leg."
"I don't know where that cream is."
"I know where it is." Phatmama says.
"So, I went in there and got it and your Phatdaddy went and got a towel to put under his leg. I started rubbing your daddy's leg and I kept waiting for the smell, you know, that smell, anticeptic never happened. The cream was stiff and thick. I kept rubbing and rubbing. I thought this cream must be old. I went to look at the tube and instead of it saying Bengay or Bio-flex---- it said anti-itch cream.
~Senior Moment~ #1 (It has been more of them, but just for bloggin's sake)

Do any of you have your own senior moments? Do you have one from your parents! Please share. Sharing is caring.

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Woman's Strength

A woman has strengths that amaze me... She can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens She holds happiness, love & opinions She smiles when she feels like screaming She sings when she feels like crying She cries when she's happy, and laughs when shes afraid, and her love is unconditional. There's only one thing wrong with her, she forgets what she‘s worth!
Written by Anonymous

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I have always had a complex..I guess if you call it that. I have an issue with being accepted by others. I know, I know.."I don't give a damn or fuck about what people say about me."That's what others say, but you know what, I do. It is still have bad feelings towards people that used to tease me as a child and that talked about me behind my back. Shouldn't I be over that now as an adult? I was bullied and teased because of my weight. You know being a Phatgurl has never been easy. I still let these things bother me. The worst culprit of it all that hurt the most was and still is (sometimes) my mother. She has never liked the fact that I was overweight. My other sisters I have 2, were petite until, well one is still little as hell but the other gained weight after she had her children. But to her, I didn't have an excuse. I just loved to eat. When I was a little girl I was so skinny that my momma made me eat. I used to cry because I was such a picky eater. Well over the years I gained weight but not to the extent of being overweight...until I had my tonsils and adenoids (sp-is that right?) removed. Then the weight just piled on. I became the punchline to many jokes and I really had issues with my self esteem. I stayed to myself and read books and get on the computer and type in programs. (Commodore 64--whew that was a long time ago) But I also participated in church alot. The choir, I ushered you know typical church stuff. I love to sing and I have a pretty good voice if I must say so myself, but some of this teasing occurred in the church as well. I know "Kids will be kids." Cut the crap...Kids will be whoever their parents raise them to be or whatever they see their parents do and get away with, that's what they will do. It all starts at home people.-~My Phatabulous Service Announcement-~But anyhow, I have lost so many friends and my mother never told me I was beautiful until I got older but it still comes with conditions. "You look should put more of this on" "That color looks good but that ain't for everybody" Oh can't forget this one. "You should wear that all the time it really looks good on you." Phat: "Really Ma, Thank you" Her: "Yeah, cause you look small in that." See what I mean ya'll? My mother has thrown fits in stores because I could not wear the size that she wanted me too. She would find a phone--(payphone then) call my sister and have her take of the task of taking me shopping cause she just couldn't "deal with me." Needless to say, I find myself shopping sometimes and thinking.."what would mom think of me in this?" I have to stop myself and say: Hey I'm grown, I can wear what I want (you know what I mean) . Has this happened to you? Has someone ever caused you to look at yourself differently?

Monday, April 14, 2008

1/2 On A Baby

Ok, so hubby and I have decided to start trying for a little one. Hence the gap between postings. ~Wink-wink~ I am excited to say so in the least. I hope that it works. We are using an ovulation predictor kit to determine what days we should try and conceive on. Just a little history here folks. Hubby and I have been married for 1 year and 4mths. We dated for 13 years and we have NO CHILDREN. No slip ups or nothing. Just pure birth control, nothing. Maybe in the beginning if you know what I mean but nothing. It has surprised everyone. So now we are being harassed by Great Aunts, Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law (she has 5 already), My mother, friends, relatives and just EVERYBODY. So I'm harassing It took him a long time bless his heart. I know he doesn't wanna share but sorry..he has to! We are excited though. It's also exciting to know that he is wanting a little one now. I was so surprised that he announced to his family this weekend after being bombarded with questions about when we were "gonna have one." He stated " We are working on that now, so hopefully we will have one in the near future." That shocked me ya'll. That is the FIRST time that I have heard him tell anyone that WE were trying for a baby. I love him. Pray for me ya'll. I will let ya'll know what happens!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Phat and a Beauty Queen....

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Later this year, Chloe Marshall and her wobbly bits - of which there are a few, she cheerfully admits - will stand in line with an army of potential beauty queens in bikinis, high heels and tiaras, and invite public scrutiny.
She is a good size 16, and possesses the sort of physique that my old PE teacher, harridan that she was, used to applaud as "splendid for the shot putt".
Chloe is quite beautiful, with a wide smile and luminous skin, but not traditional Miss England material.
Predictably, though, most of her competitors are. I ask her what sort of girls she will be up against and she waves an elegantly manicured hand. Beanpoles, you know, size 8s, maybe a few 10s, tall, blonde. That sort of thing."
Frankly, I feel a bit faint just thinking about what awaits her. It's the sort of scenario that would have most of us, of whatever size, running shrieking from the room.
But then Chloe, at 5ft 10in and 38DD, is not most of us, and perhaps we should thank God for that.
I try hard, shame on me, to get her to admit to some deep-seated loathing about her body - but she simply won't do it.
Instead she comes out with lines like "I love my body", which I always thought no real women ever said, unless they were auditioning for a Dove advert.
She will admit to only a few tiny jitters, mostly about that hideous bikini/swimsuit/sarong dilemma.
"Next month we have a day where we have to meet the Press," she says, talking me through the excruciating Miss England selection process.
"We have to stand round in bikinis and whatnot, talking to them. I'm opting to wear a swimsuit for that one, because I'm all about dressing to flatter my figure. And if I wore a bikini I wouldn't do that.
"But when it comes to the actual pageant, I am going to wear a bikini.
"I don't want to walk out there and have people say, 'she's not confident about her body,' because I am."
However, with both swimsuit and bikini, she will wear a sarong. Because, even though she is a wannabe beauty queen, she's not daft.
"If I was on the beach, say, I'd run around in a bikini on its own, no problem. What's to be ashamed of? ""But at the end of the day, I want to win. So I have to do all I can to give myself the best chance. So a sarong it will be!"
When Chloe secured her place in the Miss England final last week, by being crowned Miss Surrey, it sparked something of a media furore.
You might imagine that we wouldn't be shocked to learn anything about wannabe Miss Whatevers these days.
Over the years, scandal has stalked beauty pageants. Beauty queens have turned out to be single mothers, porn stars, even men, for goodness sake.
But this was something else.
Not that Chloe uses the F word. In our interview the word "fat" never passes her lips.
"It's because I'm not," she explains. "I'm curvy, big, plus-size, if you must, but I don't like that either because I'm actually an average size.
"Fat means someone who is obese, who doesn't take care of themselves, who never does any exercise and lies around all day, being a slob. I take care of myself.
"The only thing that is different about me is that I refuse to starve myself to turn my body into something it was never meant to be."
In truth, she's annoyed that the media coverage has not been all positive.
"Most people have been lovely, saying, 'You go, girl', but some people have been sniping about how it isn't a good thing that I'm in this competition.
"That makes me very cross. The whole thing about me being here is that I want to show other teenagers, younger than me, that it's OK to be a bit curvy, because you can still be beautiful.
"If they read people slagging me off, they'll think it isn't OK, that to look like the girls in the magazines they have to starve themselves. "All I was wanting to do, by entering this pageant in the first place, was to send a message out to young girls that it is fine not to be a size zero."

Here is my 2 cents. Why is it that because someone is out of the norm that they can't be considered to be a beauty queen. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Why is it that this continues to be the same issue over and over and over again. Get over it people. There are beautiful Phat people in the world and for all I know you may be one of them. Look in the mirror first and if you think of yourself to be any less than a Phat beauty queen or king then you need to re-examine yourself.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday “Mentally Hip Hop Smoothed Out On the R&B Tip With a Pop Feel Appeal To It”

The weekend is over. Had a great start and a good ending. Let's see....Saturday night hubby and I went out to the Keith Sweat concert. We had a ball. Just between us..I used to have the biggest crush on Ricky Bell, you know BBD...well they were there along with Dru Hill (pray for them) and Special (surprise) Guest Silk.. The Freak Em crew. Well it was fun to see BBD perform ~That gurl is poison~ I know ya'll are singing it in your heads now and who can forget...~lemme lick you up and down til you say stop~ and ~I want ah~ I screamed and yelled and bobbed and danced. It was a fun time for hunny and I. Sunday was a lazy day we just slept in and later on went out to eat dinner with the outlaws. The food was good the company was ok. Today at work they fired 2 people. Oh well, it's Monday. Have a good one ya'll.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday's Funnies

Not too long ago I was hanging out at the in-laws just relaxin..(before they became the day different post) and I left out and went to the bathroom. I came back and my niece 3yrs and nephew 4yrs were stand there and I smirked and looked that them. The conversation went a little like this....

PhatGurlLove: Have you been in Aunt Phatty's Lipstick?
BAN#1 (Bad Ass Nephew 1) Noooo, I no have your stick.

I grab my camera and I

BAN#1: Cheese! ~Flash~

BAN#2 (Same thing but ends in

~Same question, same answer~ The pictures tell the real story.....

**Any new "stick" recommendations for shopping purposes?**

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts........

Just some random thoughts....

1. For all you parents out there...were your children planned or were they unexpected. If they were not expected, how did you know you were ready? How did your spouse react/bf/gf...etc?

2. If there were no methods to assist in helping conceive, would you have children earlier or none at all?

3. Why do people always beg and borrow, but never have anything to share?

4. Soulja Boy...Yahhhh???? WTF?

5. When can WE all just get along??

Happy Thursday.....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday Worries

This morning while between hunny's snoring, I hear rushing water. I open my eyes and strain the hear....again in between hunny's snoring, I hear it this time...clear as a bell, water is running. I'm laying there thinking...did hubby leave the water running in the bathroom? Fine tuning my eardrum I definently kitchen. I sigh and proceed to leave hunny there...still snorin' might I add, to go turn off the water in the kitchen. Sleep walking my way up the hallway, turning on the light mumbling...~wth was he doin at the kitchen sink, I know he wasn't washing dishes~ ( He had already did Turning on the kitchen light I see that the water isn't running in the sink but it is definently pouring out from somewhere. Standing at the kitchen sink I feel my feet start to get wet and think I think..aww hell naw'll! I open the cabinets under the sink and ~Presto~ there is the spouting water leak! Can everyone say Yay??!! By this time I am awake and fully conscious of the whole situation. I take off runnin, well briskly walking down the hall calling hunny's name..~Bay-Bay~..he is mumblin...~huh?? hmmm? I'm like you don't hear that?? To me it sounded like a small Niagra Falls...he is still like no, I don't hear anything...mind you the water is coming out of the bottom of the cabinet like Ye Old Faithful. I quickly told him what was going on and he went in the kitchen and proceeded to do everything that I had already told him that I had done. Side note***Why is it that men check behind us when will tell them that we have did things that normally they would do in any crisis situation, ie. try to turn off the faucets that are attached to the piping....check to see if it is leaking from where I said it was and repeat exactly what I said..I mean duh..*** Anyway I tell him I'ma call the landlord. I did and he did not have an emergency number for tenants...wft?? I called my, it was 3:52am. I called him and told him what was going on and he says ok I'm on my way. My hunny and I are outside the house and we can hear the water draining outside...just gurglin. I am livid by this point that at 4am instead of counting between hunny's snorin...I am outside looking for the main shut off valve. We are both walking round and round looking for it while mumblin curses under our breath. So Dad pulls up and I apologize for having to call him and he states that it is close to the time that he gets up anyway...(wtf?) He proceed to go under the house looking for the shut off valve while I hold the flashlight from a distance me ~echo~ You see it? Him.. no ~echo~ I have arachnaphobia but that is a whole 'nother post. It just goes on and on...needless to say we go across the parking lot to his mothers house who has a live in nurse, she calls his brother (the landlord/slumlord--the same) he comes over, checks it out finds the shut off valve and we shoot the breeze a min or two and he is gone. Dad leaves....we go back to bed only for the alarm to go off at 5:25a. Isn't that great! I have to be at work at 8am//so no I was not a happy camper. What has a man done to check to see if you had done everything right?