Monday, August 31, 2009

Saturday Night~Metro Cafe and Lounge

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I am still high from Saturday night! It felt so good to be around like-minded individuals. I performed my two poems. One entitled "The Intruder" and the other entitled "Sometimes" The audience response and feedback was amazing. The energy was so unreal! I can't even begin to describe how it felt to share my work! I am so excited at the possibilities. I provided sample Cd's to some individuals that contained 5 of my poems, including the two that were performed. I would like for it to be more professional and add some effects to it. But it was recorded in raw form. I also passed out some cards that I made until mine are ready, informing others that I am a Motivational Speaker, Author and a Spoken Word Artist. I need to do a press release. But all in all I am so ready for the next event. I need to get more exposure. The others that performed on Saturday night were simply phenomenal! Tamika Nicole Performed...she was awesome! I will add more information on the other artist and I will also post pics from the event.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Can Reading Help Kids Lose Weight?

I saw this article and I immediately wanted to share it. I read alot as a child. Not sure if I ever lost any weight from it. I wonder if it will work now?? (lol)

Can Reading Help Kids Lose Weight?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Renewal

Waking from a deep sleep feeling deprived not from the lack of sleep but from you. Your voice penetrating my thoughts as I remember why I loved you from the jump. Not realizing that I would now be reminiscing on what we had in the beginning and how now I want to relive that moment again. From the time we said hello, to the first time we held hands, to the first kiss. I want that now and again. A mutual agreement between us that was only seen by God and a multitude of individuals who not only believed in the blessed union, but they believed in us. What happened? Did we stop believing in each other, did we become entangled in finances, too engaged with our child, too focused on work, and not enough time to spend with each other? Loving and being loved. What happened? Falling in and out of love....just out....Coldness on the left side of the bed where you heart cried thinking of how I needed you to be with me...just around me....

I'm thinking the same thing he doesn't know it...our minds intertwined as one...the way it should be forever joined. Not because we have a son, because we were meant to be...even apart we share one heart... our own, meant to be in one home....feeling alone...needing, craving, remembering. Was it that bad enough to leave? Tears on my sleeve... the right side of my bed cold, where he used to snore, where we made love don't live here anymore or does it? Wasn't it I that said I don't need it? Wasn't him that said forget it? I can't I remember, in December I saw you with another lover, not your mother, cousin, sister or friend. Some chick named Lynn. Unfaithful, debatable but true...You used me and I used you. I miss you now, my heart still in sync with yours. I'm on my way over we need to talk.

Getting up picking up my keys after praying, having that mental release, I pray for an answer. Opening the door there she stood....I prayed and God made it good. We were both misunderstood, we talked for hours about where we should be and how it was not her but me and how I was relieved to see her hear and I was glad to have her near and that I missed her. She leaned into me and said she missed me too, we even had time to send our son off to school so that we can be alone in our home to become one something we shoulda done before. We made love galore and we were restored.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Adding to my repertoire....

Motivational speaker maybe......hmmmmm??!! Something that has been on my mind for the last two days. It must be a part of the bigger picture. I am jotting down notes. Watch out now ya'll...Phatgurllove is expanding her skills and ready for anything! I've always wanted to mentor young kids. I believe with every fiber of my being that what I am working on right now, has something to do with that. I believe it will all work together. Also thinking about documentaries. It's so much brainstorming going on right now and I am so excited about it. This is a dream realized, everything that is happening right now and I am enjoying every minute of it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Transition

On this road to somewhere, where to I don't know. I must go. I can't stop moving. The changes within me are pushing me forward. Onward...continuously. This transition, changing moving with the time allotted for me to accomplish what I must complete in this time frame, this lifetime. I feel so free to be me while moving effortlessly through it. Through the pain, through the heartache, through the loss of loved ones, through the hard times, through the good times, through the weight gain, through weightloss and on to the breakthrough. Movement, transition, journey. A metamorphosis, transforming and adapting to myself. Realizing I gotta push through past the particles of my old life and be rebirthed into my new life. A new me, a happier me. Someone that has been transformed by taking the road less traveled and following my soul along the way.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Love

Today I went to the anniversary party of a friend of mine that I worked with at another company. It was her and her husbands 25th Anniversary. I was so happy for them. I'd remembered all of the conversations we had about her husband and how she was hoping for him to pass a certification test so that he could get into the career field of his choice. I watched them today. You can tell that 25 years grew on them and that they grew with it. I watched her family and how they all interacted with each other and I secretly hoped that I and Phatman's marriage will last that long. We've only been married for a short time, but I hope that things get to the place where we can like that. Just like a graceful ballet. He lifts me as I jump high and I rub his face and encourage and sing his praises.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The curves

Taking the time to unwind as you hug my curves with
every word from your sugar coated lips, caressing my
hips with your verbs massaging my mind with your
analytical, lyrical verses. Harmonic, melody, a
symphony in my ears a drumbeat in my heart, a deep
breath a contented sigh. A hand squeeze in the lower
part of my back, only to slide down and touch my
thickness. A sly smile touches his full lips and I
knowingly sense that he is wanting to dip in my pool
of knowledge. Turning to face him, I let him pull my
thoughts into his run on's and adding my commas
turning them into a complete sentence. No fragments
here, just soliloquies and vibrations of words dancing
off of the tip of my tongue into his ear, no sense of fear
here. No tears, just words, unheard while my mans
verbs hug my curves.....words, spoken softy while
driving slowly up the road of vowels and sounds,
broken English and slang, that southern twang, sweet as
iced tea. My curve-hugging vowel speaking love is
touching my soul with his words, unheard of by many,
just for me...and his hands are still trying to find the
beat of my curves meticulously, he knows the way all
he has to do is say the words.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ok, since I shared that I will be performing I have been a nervous wreck. I have been working on memorizing my poems so that I can recite them. I mean how good would Phatgurl look with a piece of paper or a book?? That's not a good look, maybe later but I know for my first time I want to have the audience focus on what I'm saying and not what I'm reading, notice the difference? Just MHO. I want to be known for knowing my ish..ya digg?? I am super excited about it in spite of feeling a case of the BG's coming on any minute! I am also working on developing myself as a Spoken Word Artist and Author. I have been putting my book together and editing. That has been fun so far. It's amazing looking back over my work at where I was mentally compared to where I am in my life now. You know what that means people? GROWTH! Yeah a Phatgurl done growed up! ~smile~ However, I'm still learning more and more. It's a process and an adventure...~snicker~ I had to throw that in there. So what's going out there in Cyberland? this thang on?? Well in any case, I'm here and I'm ready. Let's do what you're supposed to do. It's my calling and I'm answering it.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Ya'll I am finally doing it! I am going to do my first Spoken Word event! I am so excited about it! It will be on August the 29th in Raleigh NC. I am working on memorizing my pieces. Just because I wrote them, doesn't mean I have them committed to memory. That is something I'm working on. I know which two pieces I am doing, but I'm not telling a soul...yep..not even you! ~smile~ In regards to my weightloss, I am down to 242.2 and in a size 16/18. Yep from a 24. This has not been an easy ride to say the least. I will be 11 weeks out tomorrow. Yep, almost 3 months! Boy that has went by fast. I am still eating 3-4oz per meal and working out. Speaking of working out, I purchased two brand new workout DVDs. I purchased Diva Get your Body Tight, by Lady of Essence. I worked out to it for the first time last night and I LOVED IT! It is definitely not your traditional workout DVD. You have fun and enjoy what you're doing. When I arrived home today, my other packaged had arrived from Flirty Girl Fitness, yes, the one with the stripper pole. ~A Phatgurl gotsta stay sexxi~ I can't wait to try their DVD either. I will keep you guys updated. But I will be posting more poetry here for your reading pleasure while still keeping you informed of what's going on in Phatgurl's World. Remember Eat to live and not Live to Eat. That's my new mantra!