Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hey Ya'll

Ok, so I've been MIA for a minute. It's hard to get this blog updated when there is so much going on around me. Mom having surgery, being diagnosed with Cancer. First African American President (Queue the A Milli Track...Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama...) ~Ahem~ Still loving my first baby. He is so big now guys. He's tryna crawl, he has 5 teeth, he is wearing 12-18 mth clothing annnnnd he is only 8 months old! I know....time flew didn't it. I have a new job! I LOVE IT! I'm not going anywhere! (Unless the spirit moves I am finally working on my book. It will be available soon. I will keep you informed of my progress. I have decided to make 2009 my year of completing goals that I set out to accomplish years ok. OH we bought a house!! Yes, I said we. The Phatman and I are still together. Still weathering the storm. I am considering weight loss surgery. You heard me correctly. I mean ya'll just don't know. I should own stock in every little diet plan out there. I feel that this is the right choice for me and it's not the easy way out as some of you may think. I haven't made up my mind yet if I want to do RNY or the Lap Band. I am sending up prayers for my mom. She was diagnosed with lung cancer over the summer and she has a leaking heart valve. Pray for her. They are gonna get them both at once today. I love her and I want her to be healthy. We are all on our way in a little while. We gave Phatmomma a birthday party over the weekend and she really had a goodtime. We all did. Cant wait for my birthday. What are ya'll gonna get me...??? I'll let you think about that. lol I'll talk to you later and I will be updating more often. I have missed you guys!


NaturallyAlise said...

Welcome back! Wow, what kind of book? We need to talk! Also thanks for stopping by the poetry slam, your piece was awesome!

Phat Gurl Love said...

Thanks girl! A book of poetry. I'm also working on a novel.