Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I wanna go to Jamaica!

I have been wanting to go forever! My Phathubby..bless his heart. He has never been anywhere. I mean you can jump on 95 North or South and go just about anywhere, but you need to get on a plane or a boat to go here. I wanna go! ~she cried in childlike anguish~ LOL Trying to find a good deal to maybe go next year. Who knows...maybe by the end of this year! I'm hoping I can convince the Phatman to take the time out to research it for me. Do something new. I'm tired of going to the same places. Of course our hometown...I know right?! Which is about 10 minutes away. South Carolina, VA and that's about it. Can I at least go to NY or CA? I would even take one of those bus trips to Atlantic City being that I've never been. I feel like my new Phriend, weight does play a factor in us traveling sometimes. I'm scared to fly even though I have been overseas to France and I have traveled since 9-11 on a plane. I haven't flown since 2002. As soon as I make my mind up to fly, another plane crashes. I dunno...hopefully by the end of the year we can go somewhere besides Myrtle We're supposed to go to the Bahamas in October. On a cruise. I hope we do. I've always wanted to go there too.