Friday, May 16, 2008

Abortion-Question of the day..

Why is it that someone can lay down, have sex (consensual), conceive and say things like....
"I could never carry my baby to full term and give it away." But they can run to the nearest clinic and kill it? Can someone help me understand this please. I have seen this too many times and it makes me so mad. I feel like if you can do all of the above then why not either: A: Keep it, B: Give it away to someone in the family that can't have children, C: Put it up for adoption, or D: Ask for help. I am so sick of seeing this as being a easy way out for two grown folks to handle their business. I feel like abortion should be illegal. YES I AM PRO-LIFE!!!!!!!!! (Can't you tell?) I feel that the termination of a pregnancy should only be used from a medical standpoint. Extreme deformities and if the child is already deceased inside the womb. Other than that individuals that are raped..give it up for adoption or keep it. That child is a part of you too. You never know who you might be aborting. The next President, The one that may have the Cure for Cancer, Aids...we will never know because of a generation being sucked away. What do you think?


tiltedhalo said...

Wow, that picture was very disturbing. I honestly can't answer that question, but I will say that I am Pro-Choice. I'm not big on debating so I'll just leave it at that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone will not agree on everything.

Phat Gurl Love said...

Tilted you are so right! That picture was disturbing. Not looking for a debate and I do value your comments! Continue to stop by!