Sunday, May 18, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Morning......

I swear I feel like I am the laziest person on earth today! I think I did too much housework on yesterday. I washed 200 loads of clothes.....for two people. I'm exaggerating but can you say five baskets! Plus it was at the laundry mat....I hate going to the laundry mat...can I get an AMEN?? Came back home put all of our clothes away...(mostly Phat man...and he always says that he has nothing to wear...he always has the most clothes to wash!) Entertained my other Phatsis-in-law2 and her crew (4 boys and 1 girl and she is married to Phat man's brother) they were all here. Holl-erd at chil-ren, popped a youngin' here and there...ooooo'ed and ahhhhhh'ed over baby clothes......seperated the clothes into the now 5 empty baskets for my mother to wash. (She does not want me to wash them at the laundry mat, she wants to do them herself...I wish she woulda did mine that's a Phatgramma for ya). Went to the store got groceries...phatsis2 cooked spaghetti for everyone and did not leave until after neck and my back...and I'm not even talking about Khia....whew...more like I need to go to the Spa....~eyes glazing over at the thought~. I am so tired...ouch....well, I guess I will continue to sit here in my pajama's, listen to the rain outside, snack on everything, and sleep in between reading blogs...~YAWN~


tiltedhalo said...

I hated going to the laundromat, so yes sistah you can get an AMEN! The funny thing is, I think I just hate doing laundry because once we moved, I told my husband we were definitely getting a washer and dryer and I don't like doing laundry any better. LOL But it sure beats going to laundramat! Lazy days are the best.