Thursday, May 15, 2008

Catching Up

So this is what has been going on. If I want a some "Blog Groupies" I guess I need to be here more. ~Ahem~ But this is what has been going on in my world of adopting. I had been speaking with the Grandmother off and on now for the last 3wks. Lemme tell ya.."Grandma ain't raising no more kids". She has told me that repeatedly. On May 5th..the day came for me to talk to the Birth mom. I was so nervous. Oh yeah..this is an open adoption, permanent guardianship type of arrangement. I will hafta go back and tell you how all of this came about. But when I spoke to the birth mom the conversation went like this...
BM: Hello?
Phatgurl: Hello.
BM: How are you doing?
Phatgurl: Fine and you?
BM: Fine.
~Pregnant Pause~ --Sorry for the pun..but for real it was really quiet.
Phatgurl: I heard you had some ice cream today. (I know right...)
BM: Gurl I had pizza and ice cream. It was good too.
Phatgurl: I just told Phat Man that I wanted some ice cream..what kind did you have?
BM: Butter back is hurting now...I will be glad when this is over.
Phatgurl: Well you don't have too much longer.
BM: ~Burst into tears and got off the phone~
Phatgurl: ~Tears welling up in my eyes trying to figure out how I stuck my foot in my mouth~
Grandma: She'll be alright, she has been having these crazy mood swings.
No sooner than she says that BM, gets back on the phone and says....
BM: So do you and your phat man have any children?
Phatgurl: No, we don't have any kids. We have been trying for a long time and we have been unable to do so.
While this conversation is going on...Grandma, my Phat sis-n-law, and Phatman are all on the line with BM.
BM: Well, this is your baby I'm carrying...
~I almost died~
Phatgurl: Ok
Grandma: BM, y'all need to talk about names
BM: What about Quintarvious?
Phatgurl: Ummm
Grandma: Hell, no.. we do not want him to be stereotyped....we want him to have a chance without being judged by his name.
Phatsis-in-law: That's right.
Phatman: Hmm hmph
BM: Ok what about DMX? ~proceeds to bark in the phone~
Phatgurl: Laffin nervously and looking at Phat man while he's snigglin and gigglin...~rollin my eyes
Grandma: What name have ya'll chosen?
Phat man: Jon Madden--(I don't think so.. I have got to do something with that X-BOX)
Phatgurl: Julian Bryce...
~Everyone except Phatman~ Awwwww I like that that's cute!
Phatgurl: smiling to myself..I know it is...
Can y'all believe Phatgurllove is fixnta be somebodies where is that control to the x-box..I will give y'all part two later. Its too much to put into one conversation...LOL


tiltedhalo said...

Oh my gosh, I can't imagine how awkward that must have been. Why is she putting the baby up for adoption? She won't back out, will she? Sounds very exciting. I wonder where she came up with the name - is certainly different and not one that I would even entertain. I like the name you chose. Good Luck. When is the baby due?

I like the look of your new blog.

Phat Gurl Love said...

It was very awkward! She is putting the baby up for adoption because she cannot care for him. No one else in the family wants to adopt him and she is bipolar. Her mom already has custody of her daughter. Her mom says that she is not keeping anymore children. Her mom is my Phatsis's bestfriend and she told her that me and phatman were trying to have a baby and she wanted to talked to us and it went from there. As far as her changing her mind..we hope not because we had been down that road before and it wasn't fun! Her mom states that its all a-go, so we're more than ready! Thanks for complimenting the new digs...all that pink was reminding me of pepto-bismol. LOL