Saturday, June 21, 2008

It is too soon...

For the birth mom to be coming for a visit. I just don't know about it. I have all of these jitters. I speak to the G-Ma from time to time. Send a few pics here and there. But all of that is fixnta--yep that's what I said--stop. I know that this is an open adoption, but how open is too much? I saw 20/20 the other night and this young lady was searching a couple to adopt her baby. She did and now she comes over when she gets ready and is in ALL of their family pics. Even her family goes over to the adoptive child's family to see him. Ain't no way. I think I would have had a written agreement drawn up or something. I just couldn't imagine her showing up all of the time. It would really start to aggravate me. I really do appreciate her and what she has done for me and Phatman....but she really needs to back up and give us some space. I guess it is just nerves, but I love him and I am so protective of him already, that I just couldn't imagine something happening to him because of her or them. I don't have time for all of that. They should be here on the 4Th of July. Talk about INDEPENDENCE.....~Geesh~


tiltedhalo said...

Has the adoption been finalized yet? I know you did an open adoption, but this would be the part that would freak me out (the visits). Hopefully, everything will go smoothly. Why did she or you guys decide on July 4th?

Btw, I love the way you write.