Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Working for nothing....

I am so tired ya'll. I feel like I am working for nothing. Just come to work. Put my time in and go home. Everyday! I must let everyone know that I am ready for a change. I work in the customer service field and I am tired of it. I have been working in customer service since I was 19yrs old. I have worked for all of the big name companies doing customer service. IBM, BCBS, ZC Sterling...I mean I could go on..Bellsouth....I am so tired of saying.."Thank you for calling __________, how may I help you?" I don't know what in the world to do. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and I have NEVER had a management position. I am ready people. ....LOL I also speak fluent french.. Oui, C'est Vrai! I feel like I have so much to offer and so many ideas. I know that I could work in a call center environment in a management position. NO team lead What can I do so that my resume shows that and not that I have just been on the phone the whole time? ~sigh~ I need for someone to give me a chance to showcase my skills. I get paid and it disappears. I know that we all know that we are not getting paid what we are worth. I don't even make 40k per year. I wanna be debt free. Look at Single ma at strive to be where she is. I want to be debt free but how can I work on that when I am paying bills from paycheck to paycheck? I just signed up with, opened an INGdirect savings account and today I am calling a debt collector to see what I can do to get the balance down quick so I can raise my credit score. Any advice anyone? I am really at the end of my rope here....~OK I can breathe now.~ LOL