Monday, June 30, 2008

OH Hell Naw'll

Why Lawd? Some things you just hafta put into Gods hands. Ok so this weekend after giving my beautiful son a bath, the BM calls? What does BM stand for you ask....The Birthmother..."Oh no she didn't!" "Yes, she did!" She called in the middle of getting phatbaby dressed. He doesn't like the process, so he was protesting when she called. She ask, "What's wrong with him?" "I look at the phone like "Why?" Then I proceed to tell her, "Phatbaby just had a bath and I'm getting him dressed." "O." Was her response. Waymin, was she thinking otherwise...?? I dunno, but I sensed that. BM went on to tell me how they will be down here this weekend. Our first together...I am already peeved about that. I asked her how long they were going to be here....she states that she doesn't know but she was excited about coming, it's her first visit to NC. ~Screechhhhhhhhh~ Is she excited to see Phatbaby or excited about coming to NC? Phathubby is looking at me with question marks in his eyes. She sounded like she was "here and normal", remember she is bipolar so sometimes her converation can be a bit confusing. Read here:

Bipolar disorder
Bipolar disorder is characterized by periods of excitability (mania) alternating with periods of depression. The "mood swings" between mania and depression can be very abrupt.

Alternative Names

Manic depression; Bipolar affective disorder

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

Bipolar disorder affects men and women equally and usually appears between the ages of 15 and 25. The exact cause is unknown, but it occurs more often in relatives of people with bipolar disorder.
Bipolar disorder results from disturbances in the areas of the brain that regulate mood. During manic periods, a person with bipolar disorder may be overly impulsive and energetic, with an exaggerated sense of self. The depressed phase brings overwhelming feelings of anxiety, low self-worth, and suicidal thoughts.
There are two primary types of bipolar disorder. People with bipolar disorder I have had at least one fully manic episode with periods of
major depression. In the past, bipolar disorder I was called manic depression.
People with bipolar disorder II seldom experience full-fledged mania. Instead they experience periods of hypomania (elevated levels of energy and impulsiveness that are not as extreme as the symptoms of mania). These hypomanic periods alternate with episodes of major depression.
A mild form of bipolar disorder called
cyclothymia involves periods of hypomania and mild depression, with less-severe mood swings. People with bipolar disorder II or cyclothymia may be misdiagnosed as having depression alone.
Read More >

Please read more if you'd like, but that was enough for me. I had read about it before but still. The conversation continued with her randomness and so I asked her...Why I don't know., just curious I guess.

"BM, when Phatbaby gets older what would you like for him to call you?"

She says..."Momma."

Any advice would be welcomed...


tiltedhalo said...

I don't know, she kinda worries me. I'm really not understanding why she would want the baby to call her momma - that makes no sense to me. Okay, you're his BM, I get that - but you are not raising him, technically he doesn't belong to you. I don't know what he should call her, but I would not be happy about "momma".

Oh and I have no advise, I just know she seems the type to get on my dayum nerves.

Phat Gurl Love said...

And that is the answer! She really is. Luckily the decided not to come, so I will be blogging about that in a few.