Tuesday, September 8, 2009


That tickles. What? That sound. Your voice beats against my eardrum softly as you whisper in my ear. Causing a melody in my heart.

When I first heard your voice, I wondered of course if you were the one for me.

But the strength and confidence in your voice caused the inflection in my voice to change.

I went from where are you from to where I wanna be, when you spoke those soft, sensual words to me.

Teasing my earlobe with your tongue, girls just wanna have fun. I hear what you're saying, you're talking about laying up with me?

Hmph we'll see, you were sounding intelligent at first using those big words to beat softly against my eardrum...but you know what?

I ain't getting none.

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Kathleen Nicole said...

Pebbles, I love this..."you ain't getting NONE" ya heard...really great. The whole blog is super and captivating. I wish I was in Raleigh to be a witness...keep pouring out your gift!!

Phat Gurl Love said...

Thanks Kat!