Monday, August 31, 2009

Saturday Night~Metro Cafe and Lounge

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I am still high from Saturday night! It felt so good to be around like-minded individuals. I performed my two poems. One entitled "The Intruder" and the other entitled "Sometimes" The audience response and feedback was amazing. The energy was so unreal! I can't even begin to describe how it felt to share my work! I am so excited at the possibilities. I provided sample Cd's to some individuals that contained 5 of my poems, including the two that were performed. I would like for it to be more professional and add some effects to it. But it was recorded in raw form. I also passed out some cards that I made until mine are ready, informing others that I am a Motivational Speaker, Author and a Spoken Word Artist. I need to do a press release. But all in all I am so ready for the next event. I need to get more exposure. The others that performed on Saturday night were simply phenomenal! Tamika Nicole Performed...she was awesome! I will add more information on the other artist and I will also post pics from the event.