Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Transition

On this road to somewhere, where to I don't know. I must go. I can't stop moving. The changes within me are pushing me forward. Onward...continuously. This transition, changing moving with the time allotted for me to accomplish what I must complete in this time frame, this lifetime. I feel so free to be me while moving effortlessly through it. Through the pain, through the heartache, through the loss of loved ones, through the hard times, through the good times, through the weight gain, through weightloss and on to the breakthrough. Movement, transition, journey. A metamorphosis, transforming and adapting to myself. Realizing I gotta push through past the particles of my old life and be rebirthed into my new life. A new me, a happier me. Someone that has been transformed by taking the road less traveled and following my soul along the way.


Madame said...

This was beautiful, and inspiring ... simply put. Stay determined!

Phat Gurl Love said...

Thank you Madame! I appreciate your words of encouragement! I plan on it!