Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday Worries

This morning while between hunny's snoring, I hear rushing water. I open my eyes and strain the hear....again in between hunny's snoring, I hear it this time...clear as a bell, water is running. I'm laying there thinking...did hubby leave the water running in the bathroom? Fine tuning my eardrum I definently kitchen. I sigh and proceed to leave hunny there...still snorin' might I add, to go turn off the water in the kitchen. Sleep walking my way up the hallway, turning on the light mumbling...~wth was he doin at the kitchen sink, I know he wasn't washing dishes~ ( He had already did Turning on the kitchen light I see that the water isn't running in the sink but it is definently pouring out from somewhere. Standing at the kitchen sink I feel my feet start to get wet and think I think..aww hell naw'll! I open the cabinets under the sink and ~Presto~ there is the spouting water leak! Can everyone say Yay??!! By this time I am awake and fully conscious of the whole situation. I take off runnin, well briskly walking down the hall calling hunny's name..~Bay-Bay~..he is mumblin...~huh?? hmmm? I'm like you don't hear that?? To me it sounded like a small Niagra Falls...he is still like no, I don't hear anything...mind you the water is coming out of the bottom of the cabinet like Ye Old Faithful. I quickly told him what was going on and he went in the kitchen and proceeded to do everything that I had already told him that I had done. Side note***Why is it that men check behind us when will tell them that we have did things that normally they would do in any crisis situation, ie. try to turn off the faucets that are attached to the piping....check to see if it is leaking from where I said it was and repeat exactly what I said..I mean duh..*** Anyway I tell him I'ma call the landlord. I did and he did not have an emergency number for tenants...wft?? I called my, it was 3:52am. I called him and told him what was going on and he says ok I'm on my way. My hunny and I are outside the house and we can hear the water draining outside...just gurglin. I am livid by this point that at 4am instead of counting between hunny's snorin...I am outside looking for the main shut off valve. We are both walking round and round looking for it while mumblin curses under our breath. So Dad pulls up and I apologize for having to call him and he states that it is close to the time that he gets up anyway...(wtf?) He proceed to go under the house looking for the shut off valve while I hold the flashlight from a distance me ~echo~ You see it? Him.. no ~echo~ I have arachnaphobia but that is a whole 'nother post. It just goes on and on...needless to say we go across the parking lot to his mothers house who has a live in nurse, she calls his brother (the landlord/slumlord--the same) he comes over, checks it out finds the shut off valve and we shoot the breeze a min or two and he is gone. Dad leaves....we go back to bed only for the alarm to go off at 5:25a. Isn't that great! I have to be at work at 8am//so no I was not a happy camper. What has a man done to check to see if you had done everything right?


Anonymous said...

Nothing- made sure you are not an idiot- because he is an idiot! We women are so incapable of doing antyhing. But, waht gets me is we still have to call our daddies cause they have to check behind our husbands/boyfriends to see if they did everything right!


Phat Gurl Love said... are so right! You said it all!