Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday “Mentally Hip Hop Smoothed Out On the R&B Tip With a Pop Feel Appeal To It”

The weekend is over. Had a great start and a good ending. Let's see....Saturday night hubby and I went out to the Keith Sweat concert. We had a ball. Just between us..I used to have the biggest crush on Ricky Bell, you know BBD...well they were there along with Dru Hill (pray for them) and Special (surprise) Guest Silk.. The Freak Em crew. Well it was fun to see BBD perform ~That gurl is poison~ I know ya'll are singing it in your heads now and who can forget...~lemme lick you up and down til you say stop~ and ~I want ah~ I screamed and yelled and bobbed and danced. It was a fun time for hunny and I. Sunday was a lazy day we just slept in and later on went out to eat dinner with the outlaws. The food was good the company was ok. Today at work they fired 2 people. Oh well, it's Monday. Have a good one ya'll.