Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Phatty's Phunny for The Day

I love my parents. Phatmama is 66 and Phatdaddy is 68. The still like to get their party on. Drink a lil bit, and just have a good time. Well, last night Phatmama called me to tell me that Phatdaddy was hurting. It turned out to be his leg. Phatmama said:

"I think their is some cream around here that you can put on your leg."
"I don't know where that cream is."
"I know where it is." Phatmama says.
"So, I went in there and got it and your Phatdaddy went and got a towel to put under his leg. I started rubbing your daddy's leg and I kept waiting for the smell, you know, that smell, anticeptic never happened. The cream was stiff and thick. I kept rubbing and rubbing. I thought this cream must be old. I went to look at the tube and instead of it saying Bengay or Bio-flex---- it said anti-itch cream.
~Senior Moment~ #1 (It has been more of them, but just for bloggin's sake)

Do any of you have your own senior moments? Do you have one from your parents! Please share. Sharing is caring.


Jamie said...

OMG girl that is so funny. I got one for ya. You remember Dave...well, this was back in 1992 or so, and he was having a bad headache. Well he asked mom if we had and Tylenol, mom said, sure theres some extra strength capsules in the kitchen drawer. Well, he went in the wrong drawer, found some capsules and took 2 of em. Then he complained later how those pills didnt help his headache. Some how mom realized which drawer he went in and asked him "are these the pills you took??" He said yeah. Mom started laughing really hard, he then asked what was so funny...she said "those are Claude's (the dogs) worming pills!!!" OMG, I thought I'd die laughing...keep in mind how I hated Dave lol. SOOOOO FUNNY!!!