Friday, April 25, 2008

Song of the Day: ~Unappreciated ~Cherish

Yesterday was my hunny's birthday. He turned 31. Yes! I was excited because I had planned a romantic evening for us. He is right there with me in age that is. There is an 11 mth and 1 day difference b/t us. I'm older. May 23rd. Mark that on your calendars people! But anyway, I took him out to dinner for his birthday. We went to The Cheesecake factory. I was trying to surprise him and I had been there b4 but he hadn't. So, when we got there we had valet parking and we went in but he kept asking questions like where are we going when we leave here? Are we going shopping?

You giving me some money?

I get to by something?

I did want 3 cd's.

Let me back up..

Last year I took him to the mall and told him that he did not have a limit and he could get what he wanted at my expense.

So this year he was expecting the same thing.

That upset me a little. I know that I have spoiled him but damn. I tried to perk it up and he saw the look on my face and he was like ~Babe it ain't even like that. Why you looking like that? Thank you for bringing me here, I'm sorry~ Shouldn't he have said that in the first place?


tiltedhalo said...

You spoil that man...and yes, that is what he should've said in the first place. You're better than me though, cuz I would've been hot with him on his birthday. LOL