Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts........

Just some random thoughts....

1. For all you parents out there...were your children planned or were they unexpected. If they were not expected, how did you know you were ready? How did your spouse react/bf/gf...etc?

2. If there were no methods to assist in helping conceive, would you have children earlier or none at all?

3. Why do people always beg and borrow, but never have anything to share?

4. Soulja Boy...Yahhhh???? WTF?

5. When can WE all just get along??

Happy Thursday.....


Jamie Norris said...

First off that photo for this blog topic was just TOO CUTE!!! Those babies with the wings are sooooo adorable!!!

Well here it goes...My first 2 kids were not planned nor a suprise. I didnt have a plan made out that I was going to have any, but knew it could happen if no actions were taken to prevent it. My 3rd however was planned. Well actually my 3rd was miscarried, and so Destiny was planned also. I didnt have a preticular month I wanted her born in, but I knew I wanted another. And shes the meanest and sweetest all rolled into one :)

As far as the beg and borrow and dont want to share...girl I feel ya. I know exactly what thats like, and so does Jim. Seems to be a common occurance, for everyone. When someone has the answer to that one, I'd love to hear it lol.

As for your #4, LOL.

Why can we just all get along, girl, who knows...